Pointer Events and click

Hi, I'm working on a PointerEvents polyfill and I've run into an odd note
in the spec.
In section 7, click is explicitly excluded from the compatibility mouse
events, leaving no good way to control the generation of click events.

This brings to mind a few issues:

1. If a developer uses pointerdown.preventDefault, they could receive click
events without a mousedown/mouseup. This seems very strange.

2. There are cases in which a developer would want to conditionally react
to a click based on pointer movement. If the click event cannot be
prevented by pointermove, the only option is to try and prevent the next
click, which has potential for buggy interaction.

3. If click events are not provided by the browser, developers will try to
make their own with pointerdown/up pairs, which is wasted effort.

4. Touch Events provide the ability to control click event generation, and
developers familiar with that system will understand how it behaves.

With these points in mind, would it be possible to add the control of click
events to Pointer Events?


Received on Sunday, 2 December 2012 10:34:29 UTC