[poe] source of a *Collection (and also Asset/Party?)

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== source of a *Collection (and also Asset/Party?) ==
The diagrams of Figure 1 and 2 and Examples 16 and 17 show a property named source. But in the definitions of *Collection Classes it is not listed.

#164 brought this property up as RDF (serialisation) requirement  - "not to hijack URIs".

In 2.5.5 and 2.5.6 of the IM a Note tells "... the source property MUST be used to reference the ...Collection." but by the style of definitions in the IM a property of a class should be listed in the section defining a class - even if it is needed for a specific purpose only.

1. is the use of source also required for refining an Asset or Party (and not a ...Collection) - or is the direct use of an Asset/Party IRI not hijacking it?
The case of refining a single Asset or Party is not covered in any serialisation example.
2. is the use of source required only for refinements or does this issue "not to hijack URIs" also apply to the use of a *Collection without a refinement?

RDF experts please let us know.

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