Re: [poe] On 2.6.8 Rule Active State Processing

re @riannella above: a state of zero members of a Collection SHOULD NOT make it invalid.

Another practical example: a Permission grants access to service ABC to the group of 50 to 60 year old people in a community (= PartyCollection). If today nobody of this age is member of the community then simply today nobody has access to service ABC. But this will cause no problems for the assigner and the "general" assignee, the community as a whole.

To be strict on that: an ODRL Validator MUST NOT check the number of members of a Collection, it may only check if the class related by e.g. the assignee property is a Party or PartCollection, or something else and only that makes the Rule invalid.

Therefore I like the result "null set" in the suggested note as it defines that this xCollection is a valid set but at the moment of this evaluation it contains no element (in set terminology).

Therefore I suggest to stop the note above after ".... understood **.**" as no-members has no formal impact on validity, maybe only on the business (as there is nothing to be used or nobody to be addressed).

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