Re: [poe] On 2.6.8 Rule Active State Processing

@riannella reply to "I'm slightly confused" above:
The problem of the wording of this section is that is has to cover 2 steps of the evaluation:
* A Duty has evaluation rules without considering consequences: all constraints are satisfied and the action is exercised --> fulfilled, if the action is not exercised: not fulfilled. I call this "evaluation step 1" below.
* But that's not the end of the evaluation of a Duty **currently** in a not-fulfilled state: 
  * if conseqence(s) exist it/they must be evaluated
  * if all are fulfilled the state of the Duty is changed from not-fulfilled to fulfilled

The wording, also in the version of today (12 September), sounds like: both results, the one of the evaluation step 1 and the other one of the consequences, must be "fulfilled". But as consequences have only to be evaluated if the evaluation step 1 result is not-fulfilled this is a contradiction.

I suggest this wording, based on the IM of 12 September:
- there is also the obligation missing at the end of the first sentence.
- the statement "or the Permission exercised without fulfilling the duty" is new. By what has been discussed so far a consequence applies only to not-fulfilling a Duty instance and not to a parenting Rule.

**A duty of a Permission, and obligation of a Policy, may include a consequence Duty of not fulfilling that duty _or obligation_. In this case all consequence Duties must be fulfilled to set the final state of the Duty to fulfilled.**

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