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== ODRL Evaluator ==
[I wrote some hours this text as email to the list, but I don't think it has arrived]

Dear all,

I have published the following at http://odrlapi.appspot.com/ :

- An ODRL Validator for RDF.
- A collection of 43 test cases for the validator

The system is based in the corresponding API, propertly documented and published and open (github, Apache License).
You can also test the API within the documentation (Swagger).

To the best of my knowledge, all the validations have been implemented excepting the inheritance preprocessing mechanism and one validation in the complex constraints. I think they will be ready by today.

For the rest, I will be very happy if you report any error or improvement that you see.
For each of the 43 samples I attach the expected result and a tiny summary. Please note that in several cases the spec has been unclear to me and I was unsure about the expected validation result.

Also, please note that I have introduced an additional level of validation:

- valid - compliant with the spec
- valid with warning - compliant with the spec but ill formed in my opinion
- not valid - not compliant with the spec

I have used some of the Simon's SHACL Shapes (duly updated, as the model has changed much since May), some new SHACL Shapes, and some algorithmically verified constraints; Michael's Excel has proved also very useful. I lean on TopQuadrant SHACL implementation, whose legal status I ignore. I have not tested the system's ability to deal with concurrency.


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