Re: [poe] Definition of odrl:delayPeriod

I agree the wording of Example 27-related things need clarification:

* Re Action Delay Period in
Its definition could be modified to: The Action may be exercised after
 the end of this period. The point in time triggering this period MAY 
be defined by another temporal constraint with an odrl:andSequence 
relationship expressed by a Constrations Relation.

* Re constraint I think this 
constraint is wrong in this context as its satisfaction does not set a
 point in time. The odrl:event LeftOperand is defined as "An 
identified event used for exercising the Action." And even its Note 
does not help as by a strict interpretation the constraint C1 could be
 already satisfied in the first second of the event (operator is `>=`)
 and not at its closing time. As discussed in the context of 
developing the `andSequence` operator a LeftOperand like Event Closing
 Time is required for this purpose. 

* Re Note of Example 27: could be modified to "The operator 
`andSequence` requires that first the constraint in the leftOperand is
 satisfied - the event has closed - and this triggers the Action Delay
 Period after which the action of the permission may be excercised.

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