Re: [poe] Differences between constraint terms

Hi @vroddon your link points to the Vocabulary & Expression document, 
@simonstey talks about the ODRL Model Info document - at e.g. 
Re Simon's issues:

1. Right, the Constraint is called "entity" in its specification in 
3.8 - should be aligned in 3.8.1
2. 3.8 says in the first para "Constraints are a logical expression  
...". For me the entity is the wider term and expression the more 
specific, a kind of entity type. Like entity vs 
person/location/company ...
3. Right, 3.8.1 doesn't use a language defining the term Constraint 
4. see my suggested language below
5. see my suggested language below

My suggestion for the name and first para of 3.8.1: I think Contraints
 could be a plural while Relations should be a singular --> 
"**Constraints Relation** 
A Constraints Relation defines a relationship between two Constraints 
and  is expressed by a Constraint entity which holds an atomic 
Constraint in each of the leftOperand and the rightOperand. The 
operator sets the relationship. An atomic Constraint is an entity not 
including a Constraints Relation."

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