Re: [poe] Differences between constraint terms

Glad to clarify the terminology we use.

The definition of Constraint 
<> might be improved:
"/The limits and restrictions to Actions in Rules./". I dislike the 
plural, and perhaps instead of Actions we may want to say "the 
of Actions", etc.
Having said that, to my understanding:

 1. *Constraint object. A Constraint, as a concept. But in the 
    below, I would say "Constraint expressions"
 2. *Constraint expression. The representation of a Constraint. For
    example, the RDF representation or an expression in a formal 
 3. *Constraint Relations. In the sentence below, constraint 
 4. *constraint. In the sentence below, a Constraint as a concept
 5. *atomic Constraint. It is well defined in the sentence below.
    Constraint Expression where neither leftOperand nor rightOperand 
    another Constraint Expression

Summing up: I defend:
- "Constraint" used as a concept
- "Constraint expression" used as the representation of the concept
- "Atomic constraint expression"
- "Complex constraint expression"


El 02/03/2017 a las 10:57, simon escribió:
> Section 3.8.1:
>     *Constraint objects* MAY also be used as both of the values for
>     the leftOperand and rightOperand of a *Constraint expression*.
>     This supports more complex *Constraint Relations* and allows for
>     two *constraints* to be compared and processed accordingly. The
>     two *constraints* MUST be *atomic Constraints*, that is, not a
>     *constraint* that includes other *Constraint Relations*.
> What's the difference between:
>  1. *Constraint object*
>  2. *Constraint expression*
>  3. *Constraint Relations*
>  4. *constraint*
>  5. *atomic Constraint*
> and how are they defined?
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