Re: [poe] Define Atomic and Compound Constraint as subclasses

Sub-classing constraints will likely be of use to any evaluation engine testing these constraints.

I also think we have the opportunity here to significantly enhance the expressiveness of ODRL.

I notice that three of the four operators allowable in a compound constraint have no sensitivity to order - i.e there's no distinction between a left and a right operand.

This suggest two things: both left and right operands are sub-classes of operand, which should be used in compound constraints when the order of the operands is irrelevant.

While we must have a minimum of two operands in a compound constraint there is no reason why we could not have more - linking a set of constraints with the specified operator.

This satisfies several scenarios I've come across while translating licenses.

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Received on Friday, 30 June 2017 16:47:03 UTC