Re: [poe] IM: upgrade Short-cut Instances of Classes in Policy Rule Composition to a section

@nitmws first comments:

The "short-cuts" are related to the  2.7 Policy Rule Composition section in that they explain how you then generate the atomic policies. I've added a subsection and some narrative that the atomic policy is recommended.

I think the key point is that we don't want to promote short-cuts all over the IM document. We want them to produce atomic policies - and the compact ones are just an interim measure.

That is, we don't want to dilute the normative IM with the short-cuts!

re: Inheritance
Step 2 in the Inheritance processing model says include all the policy-level assets, parties, actions.
And Step 3 says - make it atomic..

commit: f3fcf6ee357beee314d79bcead84a6894a6e46a6

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