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== EXAMPLE 19 makes no sense ==
> Example Use Case:The Policy below shows a Permission to play the target asset that can either be a maximum of 100 times, or unlimited play until the end of 2017 but not both.

    "@context": "http://www.w3.org/ns/odrl.jsonld",
    "@type": "Offer",
    "uid": "http://example.com/policy:88",
    "permission": [{
        "target": "http://example.com/book/1999.mp3",
        "assigner": "http://example.com/org/paisley-park",
        "action": "play",
        "constraint": [{
                "leftOperand": "http://example.com/policy:88/C1",
                "operator": "xor",
                "rightOperand": "http://example.com/policy:88/C2"
   "constraint": [{
       "uid": "http://example.com/policy:88/C1",
       "leftOperand": "count",
       "operator": "lteq",
       "rightOperand": "100"
       "uid": "http://example.com/policy:88/C2",
       "leftOperand": "dateTime",
       "operator": "lteq",
       "rightOperand": "2017-12-31"
what's the intended semantics of this permission? C1 is satisfied from the very beginning, so the permission is not in effect before 1.1.2018 and can then be exercised 100 times.

See https://github.com/w3c/poe/issues/205

Received on Monday, 26 June 2017 13:01:31 UTC