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== Note on Policy Inference ==
@simonstey has provided a [Policy Inference](https://www.w3.org/2016/poe/wiki/Policy_Inference) with a very clear and useful workflow of expanding compact assertions of a policy to a list of atomic permissions and prohibitions.

Pondering how this can be used for checking if a user is permitted/prohibited to take an action on an asset I got aware of a foggy area in such a practical context: the odrl:partOf (in the document also the older odrl:memberOf) relationships.
The key issue is that at the moment of processing a Policy the processor might not know all the partOf_s W3C and of Dataset1.
I think the use case a processor is facing is: a specific user wants to taken an action on a specific asset, this needs to be evaluated. First the processor must find out if a partOf relationship is set between the specific user and the assignee W3C and if the specific asset has a partOf relationship with the target Dataset1. Such partOf relationships will be set in many cases outside a policy and this may cause practical problems.
The nice side: by that much less expanded atomic rules will be created.

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