Re: [poe] Relation to other standard frameworks for expressing rights statements

1) I initially was going to do that then thought are these actions part of the "**ODRL** Common Vocabulary"? (ie are these "ODRL" or from another source).
Would users think these terms are ODRL terms?
BTW, the ODRL Common Vocab is non-normative too.

2) Collective was an attempt to say we've "collected" these other terms from other sources that you may like to use...(but clearly not working ;-(

**Thoughts from others? Should we move  them to the Actions list in the ODRL Common Vocab?**

3) OK.

4) Good point. Updated.

5) I originally took the definitions from here:
I have updated them all now to be from
(although I think CC should spend more time on these definitions ;-)

And this is another reason why keeping these seperate from all the ODRL Common Vocab terms as we are not focussed on copyright.

6) this page intentionally left blank ;-)

7) Not sure...but fixed (added cc:Sharing as well)

8) Fixed in 7)

9) fixed

commit:  35f9f807eaa82485ed06dd6b62534180d8af36e1

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