Re: [poe] Compatibility with common patterns for linking assets to policies

> As for the turtle shortcut:
odrl:permission odrl:present ;
> We need to add this example to the "Policy Rule Composition" section.

I don't think we should allow this.. 
The benefits of being able to do something like this: 
    a odrl:Policy ;   
    odrl:permission odrl:present, odrl:archive, odrl:share .
instead of:
    a odrl:Policy ;   
    odrl:permission [
        a odrl:Permission ; # we could even allow to omit this
        odrl:action odrl:present, odrl:archive, odrl:share ;
    ] .
don't outweigh all the issues/complications this would come with..

(btw., that wouldn't be a turtle shortcut only.. all of that applies to any serialization of ODRL)

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Received on Tuesday, 20 June 2017 08:57:01 UTC