Re: [poe] Model clarifications

@simonstey list:

1) Agree. I commented here:
"the duty at the Policy level means what"

I **recommend** we keep the requirement that a Duty can only ref from a Permission.

What do you think @vroddon ?

2) Poorly worded. Fixed.

- added the assigners now

policy:00) Who are the assignees: Alice is the assignee of the Permission, and hence the Duty. Bob is the assigner of the Perm (after you atomic-ise the policy) and hence the Duty.
policy:01) Who are the assignees: Alice
policy:02) Who are the assignees: Alice

5) In that specific case, if left as is, Alice must ensureExclusivity of the odrl:use.
Hence, if a policy-maker uses this action, then they should define the assignee of the Duty to Bob.
(Added notes to term)

6) They are not used in the Permission, so should not be overrided  (and not mentioning assigner here anymore)

7) s/Permission/ability/

commit: e0d11bcb4b4a13c967212e44fcecaafe2170527c

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