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== Modelling duty/obligation ==
In ODRL a “Duty entity indicates a requirement that MUST be SATISFIED for Permissions to become VALID.…Even though a Duty entity is mandatory, the ODRL model does not specify any conditions on WHEN the Duty Action must be performed.”

If I understood the semantics of a Duty correctly, in order to be allowed to use a VALID permission a party must BEFORE satisfy the related Duty; otherwise, the permission is not VALID. In case the party perform an action that is not permitted, the party may/will be sanctioned. Therefore, it is clear that the Duty Action MUST be performed BEFORE to use the permission.

Therefore, in ODRL it is not possible to express policies where the duty (or better the obligation) to perform an action in ACTIVATED AFTER a given permitted action has been already performed.
Examples of this policies are:
- A nurse is permitted to use an “emergency account” for getting access to sensitive health data of a patient, if the emergency account is used the nurse becomes obliged to write a report within 1 week.
- I have the permission to enter in a “limited traffic area” of a big city, after entering in the area I have to obligation to pay x euro within 24 hours.

It is also crucial to inform a user about the new obligations that the performance of a given action will create for him/her.

See https://github.com/w3c/poe/issues/191

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