Re: [poe] On 2.6.8 Rule Active State Processing

I agree to the considerations of @simonstey .

Simple example: policy102 in UC1 would be active if the rule is tested for printing on 24 December 2000. Simon made a hidden statement: the reference time for the evaluation is 2017-08-30T12:06:00+02:00 (the time he published the comment). I want to point at this often occurring media publishing use case: an article and photos are edited on 31 August for publishing them on 1 September. Therefore constraints must be matched against the 1 September and not the time of editing them.

I claim: without having set a reference value for each of the LeftOperands (requiring one - most of the ones in the Common vocabulary do so) of the constraints in a Rule it is impossible to evaluate even only the Active state of a Rule. 
(Aside: holding the reference value of the leftOperand is the job of the status property of a Constraint.)

Further: Rules can be evaluated without checking assignee and/or target - but this could result in useless Rule outcomes and will be considered as squandering of time and effort.

What I would like to have in the ODRL Recommendation:
For the evaluation of the Not-/Active state of a Rule:
- the mandatory target should be included
- the optional assignee should be included if it exists
- the assigner may be included
- all constraints must be included
All of them have to be evaluated against reference values set by the Evaluator (and the party running it) for a specific evaluation.

Terminology note: the policies in UC3 we should not be tested for "is the policy valid" but "does the policy have conflicts"

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