Re: [poe] On 2.6.8 Rule Active State Processing

re @riannella 's update:
The different evaluation workflows for Rules make it hard to write down the evaluation of a Permission in a bullet proof way in 2.6.8 :
* Step 1: a generic evaluation if a Rule - Permission included - is Active 
* Step 2: "Once a Rule has been determined to be Active, the Evaluator MUST " + "Evaluate the fulfilled state of all duty properties of the Permission. If confirmed, then the Permission rule is Active and the action of the rule is allowed, otherwise the rule is Not-Active." 

I hope all readers will get that the Active state generated by step 1 is only an interim state for a Permission, the "real" Active state is evaluated in step 2.

Pros and cons on that are welcome.

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Received on Tuesday, 29 August 2017 16:05:22 UTC