Re: [poe] How Rules become Active

Re my concerns regarding "Duty must be fulfilled" to make the Rule including it Active

A/ What is the role of Not-/Active in the evaluation of a Rule
* The IM of 21 August outlines that "in effect" is needed by an ODRL Evaluator, but chapter 3 is currently "under construction" ...
* ... the shown "old" version told "Where no rules are in effect, the policy is effectively silent on what actions may or may not be performed." ...
* ... in other words: if a rule is Not-Active it is (= has to be) ignored by the Evaluator. As I recollect discussion this is shared by the WG persons.

B/ At what point(s) of the evaluation of a Rule does it make sense to set the state Not-/Active
* The evaluation of a Rule in compliance with ODRL could be done without having such a state, so a practical use is linked to setting this state
* This practical use appears to be: the receiver applies a specific use context to a received Policy, the context defines the id of the assignee, the id of an (collection of) asset(s), an action and possibly more ...
* ... for this case it is of practical help to sort out the Rules of a Policy which match this context. 

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