Re: [poe] Reviews of ODRL IM - Editor's Draft 3 August 2017

Yes! In the MPEG-21 Media Contract Ontology (MCO) ([article]( we defined "contract" as an exchange of promises.

But if we are to represent contracts (parts thereof) with ODRL, I have a say. In MCO, the equivalent for "Rule" is "DeonticExpression", and we have Permission/Obligation/Prohibition as its subclasses --the logical operators to combine expressions, the vocabulary and the party/asset models are all very similar structures. Yet, if we had to model contracts with ODRL I would miss a couple of features from MCO: 

1. a few relations between policies, akin to policy conflict strategies but not the same (isAmmendmentOf/supersedes/cancels/prevails) 

2.  the ability to represent agreed facts. "Both Party A and Party B accept that as of today the Fact X holds".

3. the relation between a contract clause (or subclause) and a certain policy (or policy rule, or policy part). This one indeed can be expressed with the many metadata terms that can be considered, but I don't remember the ODRL IM recommending a specific one.

4. the ability to represent contract templates. I much defended this when we discussed the Use Cases, but in the end I see no explicit trace in the spec. I would have loved having the "template" as one of the policy types.

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