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== Role of the ODRL Common Vocabulary and of Profiles ==
This issue started in the discussion of #202:
Properties taking the role of a short-cut may be added to a Policy. And [Compact Policy](https://w3c.github.io/poe/model/#composition-compact) of the IM tells, that Rules have to check the policy level for properties which should replicated to the Rule. 

This raises the question: how can a receiver of a Policy know what property found at the policy-level is - because there is no earmark like "this is a sub-property of relation" in a policy serialised as JSON or XML.
A suggested approach was: all properties which are relevant for a policy must be defined by either the [ODRL Core Vocabulary](http://w3c.github.io/poe/vocab/#vocab-core) or by the profile applied to this policy. A note in this discussion added that the search by a Rule for applicable properties should include the properties of the [ODRL Common Vocabulary](http://w3c.github.io/poe/vocab/#vocab-common).
By my view this does not fit.

I see this as a general question: what properties and what instances/individuals of a class are defined as "may be applied to an ODRL policy with a specific profile" and which not.
A receiver of such a policy has to expect only defined properties and instances and can adjust an ODRL processor accordingly.

I support the approach outlined above: any used property or instance of an ODRL class must be defined
* by the ODRL Core Vocabulary
* by a vocabulary of the applied profile
* all other properties and instances can be considered as unknown.

Under this condition the ODRL Common Vocabulary has only the role of an informal suggestion to profile-makers what they can adopt for their specific profile. But using a property defined by the Common Vocabulary without an adoption of it by the applied profile should make this property unknown/invalid. 
This requires to change the basic definition of the Common Vocabulary

> The ODRL Common Vocabulary defines semantics for generic terms that may be used in ODRL Policies. In addition, ODRL Common Vocabulary terms may be re-used in ODRL Profiles as described in the ODRL Information Model 

as it supports the use of Common Vocabulary terms without adoption by a profile.

See https://github.com/w3c/poe/issues/210

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