Re: [poe] 3.1.1 Policy Conflict

> Is the word "preferences" better?

no.. the conflict attribute is neither _resolving conflicts_ nor does 
it _set priorities over the Permissions/Prohibitions in the same 
policy_. It is specifying a policy's conflict resolution strategy that
 must be adhered to when resolving conflicts of said policy.

In ODRL, there are currently only 3 strategies to choose from namely 
**invalid**,**perm**, and **prohibit**; and it happens that two of 
them define some sort of preference/priority hierarchy, but that's not
 the norm. There exist various other [different conf. res. 
 that are as viable as the ones predefined by ODRL, but don't define 
any preferences or alike.

TL&DR: _The conflict attribute is used to specify a policy's conflict 
resolution strategy._

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Received on Tuesday, 20 December 2016 05:59:46 UTC