Re: [poe] Review definition of Constraint by ODRL ontology

@vroddon a few comments on the ODRL22.ttl in the issue84 branch - 
changes shown as bold:

- The issue date should be set to a recent date - to make clear "this 
is a newer version as the one of 5 July 2016"
- :rightOperand refers to RightOperandReference - but this thing does 
not exist in this file, only a first suggestion?
- :LeftOperand skos:definition: "Left **operands** for constraint 
expressions."@en ; (operator -> operand)
- :operator skos:definition: "The Boolean operator applied to a 
constraint and its operand**s**."@en ; (operands in plural, we have 
- :status skos:note : needs rewording as there is not a single operand
 property anymore

I see no need for other changes of the Ontology.

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Received on Monday, 19 December 2016 08:41:55 UTC