Re: [poe] Review definition of Constraint by ODRL ontology

Actions taken in the uploaded version as branch issue84:
- Corrected the name of J. Birmingham in a metadata field.
- Created the new :LeftOperand class and the :leftOperand property.
- Changed all the constraints from subproperties of ;rightOperand to 
instances of :LeftOperand
- Added new concepts to the list of terms relevant to Constraints
        skos:member :leftOperand ;
        skos:member :LeftOperand ;
- Changed the definition of the right operand, as it was 
indistinguishable from the left one
- Removed the note on the use of rightOperand   
- Corrected policyUsage, which was a owl:NamedIndividual
- in :absoluteSize, :elapsedTime, :meteredTime, :payAmount and 
:percentage replaced the rdfs:range by a skos:note
- in :count, in :dateTime, removed the rdfs:range
- Added a rdfs:range to rightOperand
        rdfs:range [
                a owl:Class ;
                owl:unionOf ( :RightOperandReference xsd:any ) ;
        ] ;     
1. In case we have two skos:notes for the same resource... Shall we 
define the information in a merged text in a single skos:note or have 
two skos:notes?
2. Ending point at the end of the strings. Roughly 50% of the strings 
have period (.) at the end of a free text. 50% don't. Which is the 
recommended style?
3. At specifying the rdfs:range of rightOperand, we are perhaps 
abusing of xsd:any
4. With these changes, Fig. 1 should change.

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Received on Saturday, 17 December 2016 10:08:26 UTC