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* Larry Masinter wrote:
>This is important, because the difficulties experienced with
>MIME type assignment are mainly ones of configuration, not
>software capability. There were some earlier versions of Apache
>that would serve unknown file extensions as text/plain instead
>of application/octet-stream, but that was a configuration error.

Actually the main difficulty I myself experience in this area is that I
do not know what MIME type to use for the vast majority of file types on
my hard drive. Much more so if I only want to use registered types. None
for .ttf, .tar, .7z, .avi, .pl, .svg, .tex, .cmd, .idl, .x3d, .bz2, .bmp
and so on and on, and that's only files I've already made available over
HTTP on one accasion or another.

Apache by the way as of 2.2.11 still uses text/plain as DefaultType; so
far all they did was adding a configuration option so you may turn that
off if you have access to the server configuration and a recent version
of it. See for
details. You may be saying of course that all Apache users are supposed
to change the DefaultType default to application/octet-stream.
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