ARIA calls moving to #aria, and list of IRC channels

As the number of sub-groups of PF have grown, we've had more and more 
collisions of meetings and minutes. To help avoid this, I'd like to 
start having each task force use a separate IRC channel. That way the 
minutes of different groups on the same day would be less likely to be 
in the same channel and overlap each other. Also the URI would be a bit 
more clear about the topic of the meeting.

I've talked with Janina and Rich and they've agreed we can move the 
Monday ARIA call to #aria instead of #pf. Everything else about those 
calls would work the same. So please look for us there next week.

Rich thought it would be helpful for me to send a list of the IRC 
channels currently used by PF, to help people know where to look for 
what. In alphabetical order by channel name, these are:

  * *#aapi* - The WAI-ARIA User Agent Implementation Task Force, which
    is the group that does the main work on the ARIA User Agent
    Implementation Guide, meeting Tuesday afternoons Boston time;
  * *#aria* - the new channel for the WAI-ARIA task force that does main
    development of ARIA, meeting Monday mornings Boston time;
  * *#coga* - the Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility Task
    Force, operated jointly with the Web Content Accessibility
    Guidelines WG but mostly under PF supervision so far, meeting time
    not set yet;
  * *#html-techs-tf* - the HTML and ARIA Techniques Task Force, operated
    jointly with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WG and mostly
    under their supervision, but technically part of PF as well, meeting
    Thursday afternoons Boston time;
  * *#html-a11y* - the main channel for the HTML Accessibility Task
    Force, operated jointly with the HTML WG, meeting Thursday mornings
    Boston time. This group has sub-groups; my listing may be out of
    date but include, I think:
      o *#a11y-bugs* - Bug Triage
      o *#canvas* - Canvas
      o *#html-aapi* - the HTML to Accessibility API Mapping group
      o *#media* - Media, the group that developed Media Accessibility
        User Requirements that is a PF deliverable
      o *#text* - Text alternatives
  * *#pf* - the main Protocols and Formats Working Group, meeting
    Wednesdays at noon Boston time.


Received on Tuesday, 14 January 2014 01:12:32 UTC