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ARIA Test Cases 86 and 87 are invalid

From: Richard Schwerdtfeger <schwer@us.ibm.com>
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 11:16:51 -0500
To: clown@alum.mit.edu
Cc: surkov.alexander@gmail.com, public-pfwg@w3.org, cooper@w3.org, cyns@exchange.microsoft.com
Message-ID: <OFCFBE04A4.10C2ECEB-ON86257BEB.00535715-86257BEB.00596F75@us.ibm.com>

Hi Joseph,

For grid rows and gridcells the ARIA specification requires that the author
set the aria-selected state and that selection does not follow focus unless
the programmatically sets the aria-selected state. So, there is no
requirement that selection follow focus for these roles in the ARIA spec.

However, what is confusing is that the UAIG in section 5.8.3 has mappings
for selection following focus and for when the author sets aria-selected
directly. Michael and I discussed this and we agree that you appear to have
added an additional requirement beyond the ARIA spec. that selection MUST
follow focus for gridcells and rows in a grid.

Additionally, it appears that tabs in a tablist may also need to have
selection follow focus in the UAIG.

If this is what the UAIG intended (selection must follow focus) for rows,
gridcells, and tabs then Firefox fails all these instances for the UAIG
test suite.

The only place where I see that selection follows focus is in a listbox.

Please provide a decision on this. A clarification might be to add text as
to which roles selection must follow focus in the UAIG. I will tell you
that the ARIA spec. is very clear on the fact that aria-selected following
focus on tablist tabs is a SHOULD vs. a MUST.


Rich Schwerdtfeger
Received on Thursday, 19 September 2013 16:17:53 UTC

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