About checkbox, Menuitemcheckbox, Menuitemradio

Refer: ARIA V1.0 of Feb 4, 2008 

1. Menuitemcheckbox : Should this be called checkboxgroup instead, like
2. A checkboxgroup is a collection of checkboxes and can be tri-state in the
current paradigm. 
But a checkbox cannot  be tri-state. A checkbox can only be checked or
unchecked. Just like a menu item cannot be collapsed / expanded but a menu
can be.
 Secondly, the state of a checkboxgroup is set not by the user directly but
by the UA based on the  states of the checkboxes contained in it. 
3. Frankly it is not very useful for a  checkboxgroup to have 3 states. Its
state should be  either 0 (zero) or of the type x/y. Example 4/7 or 10/20
where the numerator conveys how many are checked and the denominator conveys
how many checkboxes are present in the group.

It is not clear why a menuitemcheckbox  or radiogroup that is a menuitem
needs to be distinguished when they are menuitems by being called
menuitemcheckbox or menuitemradio.
I suggest do away with menuitemcheckbox and menuitemradio.    Introduce a
checkboxgroup (with state = 0 or x/y as described above). A checkboxgroup or
radiogroup can be within a menu or outside a menu.

* Pardon me  for sending these comments well after suggested review /comment

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