Re: Thanks! Re: Runnable suggestion of ARIA in HTML5 document conformance integration

On Apr 1, 2008, at 17:26, Aaron M Leventhal wrote:
> > * The live region states and properties are used without an explicit
> > role on span. Perhaps it would make sense to move the live region
> > states and properties to global states and properties.
> Totally agree. Anything can be live. I believe the current internal  
> draft has that as a feature:

It seems that Member-only areas of aren't working for me today.  
Anyway, before this access control glitch, I chose not to implement  
according to the Member-only draft in order to avoid leaking secrets  
in the public source code of It would be nice if the  
Editor's Drafts were public.

> > * Of the states and properties I opted not to support in this draft,
> > aria-hidden is actually used by the demos. Is it too late for
> > irrelevant? On the other hand, the other states and properties that
> Why not have HTML 5 use hidden? It's more obvious what it ,means.  
> Irrelevant just sounds like the opposite of relevant from XForms,  
> which definitely does not mean hidden -- it just means enabled.

'irrelevant' is a semantic fig leaf since 'hidden' is supposedly  
presentational. I would prefer calling it 'hidden'. Also, others have  
complained that 'irrelevant' is counter-intuitive and allegedly hard  
to spell for native English writers.

Henri Sivonen

Received on Tuesday, 1 April 2008 15:36:33 UTC