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I would recommend redirects for ontologies/namespaces to be done 
explicitly in the w3id .htaccess rather than by convention of folder 
names passed through a pattern, so that you remember later to 
keep/update all of them.  But if you have many such redirects then a 
pattern would help.

Having multiple domain names to redirect is not a problem, but again 
this means you have to be explicit in the .htaccess for each. Likewise 
you are not required to have the same folder structure on the server as 
on w3id side, it is common to 'shuffle' paths around, e.g. for version 

To support ontologies with HTML rendering such as yours, try HTTP_ACCEPT 
conditionals - it depends on which formats you have exported the OWL 
file as, this should help as your http server does not seem to handle 
this itself right now.

See for instance -- as it 
is redirecting to static hosting at GitHub Pages this is a good example 
of needing w3id and content negotiation.

I would try to avoid "ontology" in the permalink, as tools may then make 
prefix "ontology:" which is a bit meaningless.

Perhaps the best for your case is to make /periscope for ontology and  
subfolder /periscope/atlas for the repository and a .htaccess in each  
-- using ^$ as match mean it won't eat atlas/ so the subfolder's 
.htaccess can be used. Alternatively you can use ^atlas$ in the end of 

In both cases make sure you have consistent use of trailing / or not in 
your permalinks - the second approach would not redirect for 
/periscope/atlas/ but because of the folder would redirect for both 
/periscope and /periscope/

BTW, your UPM colleague Daniel Garijo is one of the w3id maintainers 
with lots of expertise on this.

On 2023-05-24 07:17, Eduardo Buhid wrote:
> Thanks for the repply Dave.
> I found some examples in the repo, but all of that (at least the repos 
> that i found) are under the same domain.
> i meant, for example , and 
> Can you tell me which project within the repository has a 
> configuration like the one I need?. I will take it as a starting point.
> Then, if I can't get it, I will ask for help.
> Bests.
> Eduardo
> El 24/05/2023 a las 3:29, David I. Lehn escribió:
>> Yes, you can do that.  Many of the projects using this service 
>> redirect many sub-paths to different remote services. The setup is 
>> using apache htaccess files and is quite flexible.  There are many 
>> examples to look at.  Let us know if you need assistance.
>> -dave
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