Re: help needed

On Tue, May 31, 2016 at 7:07 AM, Daniel Garijo <> wrote:
> Hi David, Melvin, all.
> Are there any news regarding this issue?
> I have noticed that the pull requests from the last 2 weeks haven't been
> merged. I have been using happily for the last months, but I cannot
> wait 10 days or more to get a w3id approved, specially when I want to create
> w3ids for materials to be published in papers (figures, datasets, etc.).
> There is a clear human bottleneck here, and I agree with David in that it
> should be a community effort. I offer my help to contribute to the repo by
> approving and helping people perform their redirections. My github user is
> dgarijo (
> Can we push this forward?
> Thanks,
> Daniel

My apologies, I got two responses about helping and in my effort to
focus less on this project, I missed noticing they were sent to me
only.  I'll try to get the powers that be to grant me admin power to
delegate or do the delegation themselves.  I'm aware of the large
backlog and that some requests may be timely and important.  Thank you
for the offer to help!  Hopefully we can get things moving again.


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