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Hi David, Melvin, all.
Are there any news regarding this issue?
I have noticed that the pull requests from the last 2 weeks haven't been
merged. I have been using happily for the last months, but I
cannot wait 10 days or more to get a w3id approved, specially when I want
to create w3ids for materials to be published in papers (figures, datasets,

There is a clear human bottleneck here, and I agree with David in that it
should be a community effort. I offer my help to contribute to the repo by
approving and helping people perform their redirections. My github user is
dgarijo (

Can we push this forward?

2016-05-24 3:12 GMT+02:00 Melvin Carvalho <>:

> On 18 May 2016 at 05:31, David I. Lehn <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Other people need to help out with
>> I've been handling mostly all of the pull requests and other
>> minor issues recently.  I'd like to put less time into this which
>> means others will need to help.  It's not that much total time but it
>> needs to be more than me doing it.  I don't have admin access to know
>> who else has github access, so whoever you are, please step up.  If
>> anyone else is interested, ask and I'm sure access can be arranged.
>> There are a limited number of us with direct server access.  While
>> we're using the current apache system, that probably isn't a big
>> issue.  This is mostly about github requests.
>> Here are the day to day tasks:
>> - Handle requests in a timely manner if possible (email and PRs).
>> - Sanity check requests.  Correct .htaccess rewrite rules can be
>> challenging.
>> - Help people write better rules if needed.
>> - Ask for people with lots of work-in-progress commits in a PR to
>> squash them into one commit.
>> - Use your judgement that requests are useful (seem legit, not spam,
>> not useless land grabs, etc).
>> - Hit the merge button when everything is good.
>> - Fix things that are broken.
>> - Ask for others to help if you need it.
>> A larger short term task is dealing with the rawgit and travis issue:
>> And of course if anyone gets inspired, the project could always use
>> better tooling and docs that might make all of the above less of an
>> issue.
> Unfortunately I dont have cycles free for this.
> But an idea.  Could we set up a fund to incentivize people to help?  So
> that a small payment is given to those that help out here, and also an
> address people can donate.
> It might also be a nice way to test the work that some of this is being
> used for, and make things more sustainable ...
>> Thanks.
>> -dave

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