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On Tue, Mar 01, 2016 at 04:47:20PM +0000, Norman Gray wrote:
> >But I don't remember anyone offering us that
> >domain.
> My _impression_ was that OCLC was willing to pass on the
> domain, as well as the database contents, to a suitably constituted
> successor.  I got that impression because I believe the widely
> assumed goal is at least (b), and that wouldn't be possible without
> a bequest of the domain.

I have posted various updates to the Dublin Core community [1,2,3].  We
have not heard anything from OCLC about their plans directly, though Jon
Phipps noticed that the OCLC Bib PURL service was coming back online
[4].  Cynthia Whitacre of OCLC notes: "Since it was introduced, the
programming language in which it was written is no longer used for
current OCLC applications.  This has caused challenges as we looked for
a solution, but we believe we now have one" but directs users with
questions or concerns about itself to OCLC's Support Desk.


[1] (Nov 2015)
[2] (recent)
[3] (recent)

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