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Sorry Ė slight misunderstanding, I read the earlier mail too quickly.

Iím with you, exactly. Lets not have multiple formats.

But It would be a reasonable aspiration that the format we use meets all (or at least more of Ö) the requirements, or extensible in some way, and isnít trapped by assumptions from just one implementation.

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I am confused - what about this isn't public?

Also, I am not super enamored of trying to support multiple management formats.  .htaccess is authoritative but complex.  I don't mind one alternative for people who don't want to mess with the .htaccess complexities.  CSV has the advantage of being a W3C Recommendation.  Is there a reason to support more than one?

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Can we do this publicly.
Other implementations are possible (e.g. the CSIRO PIDsvc, so a neutral format for redirection rules would be good (i.e not just .htaccess or purl format) .


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Yeah, let's get this going.

So looking at the purl database schema we don't really need the group and user stuff to start with (although that could be added to the README).

the purls table itself should be sufficient to start. We can find the different "type" values in the<> source code I think?

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> Greetings, all.
> A little while ago (and this message is a reply to
> <
> l>, to resuscitate the thread), there was some interest expressed in a
><> successor.  That thread ended on a positive note, with David
> Wood and some others having access to the schema, and OCLC apparently
> keen on passing forward the current repository.
> I was asked about<> by a colleague today, and this reminded me
> about last November/December's thread: is there any news about
><> or the broader preservation plan, that can be passed on?  Or
> is there any way that I or others could help with this?
> All the best,
> Norman
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