Re: New perma id pull requests

Jason, hello.

On 30 Oct 2015, at 19:07, Haag, Jason wrote:

> However, I have a second .htaccess file located in /xapi/adl/.htaccess
> (up one directory) that does not appear to be working.
> It isn't working because the rewrite variable name (verbs) is the same
> as the physical child folder name (verbs).
> I need to try and think of a way around this.  I need both the
> variable name and the physical directory to be the same though.

Is this the same problem as 
<>? (which I added)

If so, I don't _think_ there's a way around this in the .htaccess 
file(s), since this is the result of a configuration directive which 
can't be overridden in .htaccess.

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Norman Gray  :

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