Re: Upcoming privacy changes in the browser, and the impact on payments experiences

Several of the statements in aren't accurate; speaking for 
Mozilla, I'll highlight this:

"Firefox: third-party cookies are already blocked by a blocklist.

In Firefox we block *some* third-party cookies, but only cookies of 
known trackers (according to the list maintained by Disconnect). Google 
and others are talking about blocking *all* third-party cookies at some 
point in the future, which is a much more wide-ranging change.


On 1/10/22 9:01 AM, Nick Telford-Reed (w3c) wrote:
> Happy New Year, everyone!
> At our last meeting before Christmas [1], we talked a little about some 
> changes that are happening in Chrome, concerning third party (3P) 
> cookies. It's my understanding that these changes have already been made 
> in Safari and Firefox (am always happy to be corrected).
> Given the impact that the web advertising industry continues to see to 
> many use cases with changes to 3P cookies, it seems likely that there 
> will be payments use cases that are adversely affected - it seems likely 
> to me that, for example, some authentication experiences may increase in 
> friction, or that "open banking" style payments may gain an additional 
> "which provider to use" step.
> There is some introductory material [2] that we could collectively add 
> to on our github repo - in particular, analysis of use cases that might 
> break.
> I think it would be worth everyone in the group having a quick look and 
> review of the issues in question - particularly for PSPs, acquirers, 
> gateway providers and merchants. I think there is value in being able to 
> consider the implications as a working group as it might make 
> orchestrating any mediations or alerting the industry to impacts a 
> little easier.
> We will be talking about this topic at our Thursday 20th January 2022 
> meeting [3].
> Thanks
> Nick (on behalf of the chairs)
> [1] 
> <>
> [2] 
> <>
> [3] 
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