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Hi Sam,

I added this:

 "Added SPC. Completed version 1 of Payment Request and Payment Method Identifiers and moved them to maintenance mode. Reset expectations about Payment Handler and Payment Method Manifest timelines. Deprecated Basic Card Payment Method. Dropped SRC Payment Method.”

(Thank you for catching the numbering error that was introduced after addition of a new section up front.)


> On Sep 25, 2021, at 7:33 AM, Samuel Weiler <> wrote:
> Again in the draft charter:
> I appreciate the in-text discussion of history and calling out changes since the 2020 charter.  I wish the history section (11.1) also had a brief summary of changes, and I note that the current internal citation is not helpful - it points to the out of scope section.
> For example:
> "Added SPC.  Did something with SRC Payment Method.  [Which appeared as a deliverable in the 2020 charter.  Maybe you need "renamed...."] Moved X and Y to a maintenance mode.  Stopped work on Basic Card. Rewrote scope [for clarity?]."  Maybe call out any big differences in the Scope?

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