Charter: Out Of Scope section re-write

As feedback on the draft charter:

I suggest reordering the "out of scope" section to highlight the punch 
line.  Here is a proposed rewrite, that puts the definitions after the 
punch line.  Alternatively, you could define these terms elsewhere in 
the doc:

"How digital payment schemes register and communicate with payment 
instruments.  (Here, a "digital payment scheme" is a set of rules for 
the execution of payment transactions that are followed by adhering 
entities (payment service providers, processors, issuers, acquirers, 
payers and payees). A payment instrument is an account, token, or 
other means of fulfilling the payment providerĘs role in a digital 
payment scheme. Some digital payment schemes make internal use of 
payment instruments from other payment schemes.)"

Received on Saturday, 25 September 2021 12:22:25 UTC