Re: DECISION: Regarding Call for Consensus to publish Payment Request API as a Proposed Recommendation; please review one change by 1 February.


> On Jan 28, 2021, at 11:44 AM, Anders Rundgren <> wrote:
> Marcos,
> AFAIK, a primary goal for the WG was to create a payment API that permitted writing payment applications in "pure" Web technology.
> However, the companion API that enables this functionality (PaymentHandler), is currently only available in Chromium.

Payment Handler API is a draft. We do not claim that is supported interoperably in multiple implementations. Of course we aspire to that.

> What is worse is that the WG have not spent any cycles verifying that you actually can build payment applications that are competitive with the mobile native payment apps that currently "own" the market.  

I am aware of multiple experiments with Payment Handler API. It is not accurate to say that there are no efforts to see how
to use the API in payments systems. 


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