SRC v0.9 comments published, v0.95 version of specification also published but only to EMVco associates/subscribers

Hello all

Before Christmas, there was a public consultation on V0.9 of EMVco's SRC
specification. The comments have just been published along with EMVco's
responses [1].

I'm still working my way through the document, but you might like to read
their responses.

Sadly, the new version of the specification (v0.95) is not public so I
can't read the changes that have been made - however, members of the list
may work for organisations that are subscribers or associates of EMVco and
so would may be able to review the changes for themselves.

I look forward to hearing and talking more about SRC at our face to face
next week.



Received on Monday, 25 March 2019 11:12:17 UTC