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> On 25 Jun 2019, at 8:34 pm, Adrian Hope-Bailie <> wrote:
> I wanted to expand a little on the topic of "Risk assessment vs privacy" just to set the context and ensure those interested in this discussion make sure to join.
> This is one of those "meta" topics that I think we'd all benefit from discussing widely. In short, there are two sides to this:
> On the one hand, the payments industry prioritises security over most else and specifically goes to great lengths to assess the risk of authorizing a payment that may be fraudulent. The logic to authorize a payment is seldom binary, it's often a pretty fuzzy assessment based on various risk factors. The greatest tool for this is data. Lots of contextual data about the transaction including device fingerprints, user data, location data and more.

This is definitely true and appreciated - however, the fingerprinting aspect is where we have a few options... for instance, instead of fingerprinting the device, it's better to work with browser vendors to come up with a unique identifier that keeps the user in control. Similarly, with deriving the user's location, and so on...   

> On the other hand, we have the privacy focused members of the Web community who are battling against the prevalent data collection that happens online to facilitate the advertising industry's need for better ad-targeting.
> As you can see these two groups' requirements are at odds, even though their motives are not so even if we can just understand each other's point of view I think that's a good start.

From a browser vendor's perspective, we definitely have shared goals: protect users/customers from fraud as best we can. Where we get into conflict sometimes is where we don't know what's possible... for instance, it's not necessary to query ~200 data-points from the device to create a fingerprint: instead, asking the browser to give a unique identifier for the purpose of payment that the user controls would achieve the same goal, and prevent brittle fingerprinting... that's privacy preserving, keeps users in control, and should give payment providers the assurance they need to mitigate fraud aspects.  

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