Payment Request Issues for V1 Closed; preparing for next steps

Dear Web Payments Working Group,

I am very happy to announce that the Editors have closed those Payment Request API issues we had identified as "to be closed” [0] before finalizing version 1 of the specification.

On behalf of the co-Chairs and myself, I thank the Editors for their great work. Many thanks to Marcos Caceres in particular for keeping things moving.

As we discussed [1], the next steps for Payment Request API, Payment Method Identifiers, and Basic Card are:

- Get review of the changes since the 9 July 2018 release of the specification (the previous announced Candidate Recommendation). In particular I plan to request review from the W3C Security IG and the W3C Privacy IG.

- After review, request to advance to Candidate Recommendation (required due to substantive changes since the July 2018 release).

- Once republished as a Candidate Recommendation, work with browser vendors to ensure we have two implementations of each feature, as represented in the implementation report [2].

- Once we have sufficient implementation, request to advance to Proposed Recommendation. (Basic Card will become a Working Group Note.)

According to our timeline tool [3], if we advance to Candidate Recommendation by 19 February, and if all goes optimally, we will publish two Recommendations no sooner than early May.

Congratulations to all,



Ian Jacobs <>
Tel: +1 718 260 9447

Received on Monday, 4 February 2019 17:55:00 UTC