Re: [Agenda] 29 November 2018 - Credit transfer payment methods and open banking APIs

Thanks Ian!  MAG will attend.

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    Dear Web Payments Working Group, STET, Berlin Group, and Open Banking UK,
    During the recent face-to-face meeting of the Web Payments Working Group in Lyon [1] we discussed open banking APIs and their relationship to the WPWG's previous activities around credit
    transfers ([2], [3]).
    I invite you to the Thursday, 29 November teleconference of the WPWG to continue discussion of credit transfer payment method(s). The meeting takes place from 10-11am ET (3-4pm UTC); I will send
    logistics separately to STET and Berlin Group colleagues. For Working Group participants we will use the usual WebEx [4].
    Goals of the discussion:
    * Gauge the level of interest in developing further the credit transfer payment method(s), in particular to ensure alignment with open banking API efforts. This includes understanding the payment handler
    * If there is sufficient interest, determining how to drive the work (e.g., through the creation of a task force).
    For the co-Chairs,
    Ian Jacobs




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