Re: [w3c/webpayments] refer to specific versions of IL-RFCs (#246)

michielbdejong commented on this pull request.

> @@ -30,37 +30,31 @@
                   title:    "The Interledger Protocol"
                   ,   href:     ""
                   ,   authors:  [
-                      "Evan Schwartz",
-                      "Stefan Thomas",
-                      "Ben Sharafian"
+                      "Interledger Community"

If you have to name individual community members, then looking at, for e.g. IL-RFC-3 they would be, in reverse chronological order, Stefan, me, Jason, Andrew, you, Sylvain, and Evan (not Ben).
For IL-RFC-15, looking at, it would be (again in reverse chronological order): me, you, and Rome (not Stefan, not Evan).
For IL-RFC-26 you would need to look at - it would be just you and not Ben.

So which committers did you look at, @adrianhopebailie? I get at least different results than you did. And even then, I think we should not pretend that Interledger was "authored" by whoever updates the RFCs, it sidelines a lot of other people, and doesn't do right to our community spirit?

@marcoscaceres Is it a hard requirement of w3c documents that references name a list of specific humans as authors? Can this document not reference any community-authored documents, in the way I proposed?

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