Re: Second Web Payments Working Group PAG Recommends Continued Work

On 2018-02-02 15:01, Ian Jacobs wrote:
> Dear WPWG,
> Today W3C announced [0] the report [1] of the second Web Payments Working Group Patent Advisory Group (PAG) [2]. After analysis of the disclosed patents, the PAG recommended that the Working Group continue its work. Please see the report for more detail.

US8121942 (all claims), AU2008268411 (claims 1-16, 38-39), US8744958 (all claims)
providing, to the merchant server from the non-merchant server, code that is incorporated into an application page that is sent from the merchant to the consumer before the non-merchant server receives the consumer message, wherein the code provides a link to other code that directs the consumer message to the non-merchant server

I'm not a patent lawyer but isn't this pretty much what a PaymentHandler ("other code") is supposed to do?


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