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[Agenda] 14 August 2018 Tokenization Task Force call

[Agenda] 22 August 3DS Task Force call

[Agenda] 23 August WPWG teleconference

[Blog post] Further Streamlining the Payment Request User Experience

[Minutes] 14 August Tokenization Task Force call

[Minutes] 2 August 2018 Visual Identity Task Force

[Minutes] 22 August 2018 3DS Task Force meeting

[Minutes] 23 August 2018 WPWG teleconference

[Minutes] 28 August Tokenization Task Force

[Minutes] 31 July Tokenization Task Force

[Minutes] 8 August 3DS Task Force

[Minutes] Visual Identity task force

[w3c/webpayments] Visual Identity for Web Payments (#250)

CANCELED: 9 August WPWG teleconference; next call 23 August

Draft WPWG agenda for TPAC face-to-face; seeking breakout session suggestions

Fwd: [Agenda] 8 August 3DS Task Force call

Shopify Demos of Payment Request and Payment Handler

Sorry - 28 August! [Was: [Agenda] 14 August 2018 Tokenization Task Force call]

Summary of MAG questionnaire responses about Basic Card, Tokenized Card, etc.

Upcoming WPWG calls

Worldpay Demos of Web Authentication, Payment Request, and Payment Handler

wpwg-ACTION-102: Review the tokenization spec

wpwg-ACTION-103: Look into how different totals are managed

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