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Re: [w3c/webpayments] Visual Identity for Web Payments (#250)

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Hi all, 

The visual identity task force had a call on 2 August:

I'd like to welcome @FoxnBunny to the project; he will begin work on a design brief.
That work will be informed by this GitHub thread and the calls.

@marcoscaceres, we touched on some of the issues you raised in your comments above. 

One of the main points we are hearing is that users are surprised by this new browser UX, and so the task force is thinking about different ways to mitigate the surprise. Some ideas:

* There are few if any in-content examples of native browser UX. Browser pop-ups are browser-branded, but do not appear in page. We thus touched on the topic of whether "more browser branding" might give people additional confidence in the sheet.

* We also discussed whether a visual identity for Web payments might explicitly suggest "When you see this you are going to get a browser experience" (For example, though I am not a designer I was wondering whether indicating somehow "something is going to happen at the top of your browser window when you click this" would help.)

* It was suggested on the call that users may be more familiar with "Firefox" or "Chrome" etc. than they are with the concept of "browser." And so branding "Pay with Browser" or similar may not be effective.

I would like to continue the conversation at the next call of whether and how to evoke simultaneously:

 - The specific browser the user is using
 - Similar visual identity across browsers


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