[Agenda] 28 February Payment Apps Task Force Meeting

Participants in the payments app task force,

We meet 28 January at 10am ET. 

Previous meeting 21 February:



For reference

Proposal (summary of where we are on key issues):

I would like to review the updated summary since last week's call.
(I welcome people's review between now and the meeting. It's not very long.)

Also, I'd like to discuss spec updates based on our increasing convergence. I would
like to have an updated spec in time for the FTF meeting.

Issues list:

Issue 99: New request/response objects for payment apps
Issue 95: Replace setManifest()/getManifest() with set()/get()/keys()/has()/delete()
Issues 98, 90, 70, 69: Apps, wallets, and options

We merged AdamR's proposal:

AdamR, what are next steps for this proposal?

Issue 91: Line items and privacy

Reopened based on Marcos privacy question:

Issues 73, 97: Opening Windows
Action: Marcos and Tommy to draft a proposal for openClientWindow.

Issues 83, 96: Filters/capabilities

At the 23 Feb WPWG call, we discussed Rouslan's proposal

Rouslan is planning to make some updates regarding (1) explicit
identification of filters with (2) limited backwards compatibility for
managing the way basic card has been implemented up to now. We also
want to check with MS on the proposal.

Recommended payment apps (74, 79)
(Discussed 14 Feb but no resolution)

ACTION: Task force to review Ian's proposal (to drop Recommended payment apps
        from the payment app API but continue to investigate as a separate layer):

ACTION: Task force to review Tommy's approach to recommending apps when none available:

                  Some were discussed 31 Jan: https://www.w3.org/2017/01/31-apps-minutes#item01

Next meeting

* 5 March

Other issues

Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>
Tel: +1 718 260 9447

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