Re: [w3c/webpayments] [Tokenized Card Payment] Replace usage of 'last4' with 'suffix' (#211)

@doodi-v1 wrote:

> 'I would recommend moving away from card references and instead replace "card" with "account".'

@nickjshearer wrote:

> "Given this seems to inherit in part from basic card I'm not sure that makes sense without changing the basic card naming to match (which I think might be a good idea)."

-1 to this proposal. Basic Card really is meant to address card payments, using PR API instead of
a Web form.  Creating a different abstraction that is more generic will dilute that message. It will also slow down the progress of that specification to figure out what abstraction to create to 
encompass other payment systems (and what filters are appropriate). I also don't know what
impact this would have on existing implementations.

It's fine to propose new abstraction payment methods for consideration, but I don't think we should disrupt Basic Card at this point.


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