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[Agenda] 23 November Payments Apps Task Force Call

From: Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2016 08:44:50 -0600
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To: Payments WG <public-payments-wg@w3.org>
Participants in the payments app task force,

We meet 23 November at 9am ET. Draft agenda below.

Previous meeting 16 November:

We are using the same WebEx information as previous weeks (requires
Member password to access):


Upcoming meeting schedule:
 * 30 Nov, 7 Dec, 14 Dec, 4 Jan 2017

ACTION Ian 20161123: Look into a new meeting time based on who is participating in the call. Status: Not done yet.

Pull request review:

 * Removed notions of open/proprietary; AdrianHB requested changes

 * WebIDL fix:

Payment app pilots

Any updates from implementers? Issues spotted?


ACTION 20161102: AdamR to take a stab at writing up description of payment app function to return boolean if filter matches; see

Any Learnings from Web Share API?

ACTION 20161102: Ian to reach out to Marcos

I spoke with Marcos and Matt Giuca. My summary:

 * There are some similarities and shared issues, so it's good
   to be in conversation.

 * There are some differences (e.g., Single promise is short-lived in
   Web Share while there are two potentially long-lived Promises in
   payments; the designs are also different based on how each API

 * There are similar UX challenges in the Web case: how do you handle
   a context-within-a-context in various scenarios: desktop only,
   mobile only, and desktop-mobile mix (e.g., pay with phone while
   shopping on desktop)?

I have written to Google colleagues to see whether we can gain
insights on UX challenges, and welcome others to contribute as well.

Issue 48: Payment app identifier to payment app manifest filename mapping

In particular see Adrian's summary:

Issue 69: What does Icon mean?

Issue 12: Passing details on payment options

Let's return to the question of whether payment option
details should be passed to the mediator for display.
Any updates based on implementation experience?

Issue 37: Can payment apps cancel payment flow?

Any updates on this issue based on implementation experience?

Other issues

* Review of open issues

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